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Tiny Stories Contest – Winners Announced

GVPL’s 2017 Tiny Stories contest has come to an end. Thank you to the participants for sharing your stories and creativity with us.

We had more than 150 entries this year. We congratulate each person who entered.

Our judges awarded prizes to six lucky participants, three in the adult category and three in the teen. We hope you will join us again next year!

GVPL gratefully acknowledges Sonia Zagwyn from Powell River Public Library and IslandLink Library Federation for their support of the Tiny Stories Contest.


Adult Prize Winners

First Prize

Prey by Terra Hawk

The girl staggered, falling to her raw, bloodied knees. Her chest burned with harsh, tearing, breaths. The hounds grew louder; the hunters were nearly upon her. She lurched to her feet once more. The rising moon revealed clumps of hair and skin strewn about the glen. The wolf shook, bits of blood and flesh sprayed from her thick, grey, coat. She bared her teeth and growled. It was her turn to do the hunting now.

Second Prize

Fish by Ellen Agger

I love the library at York University, said my mother. She smiled as she watched the friendly tails of the guppies wave to her as they swam back and forth, back and forth. It’s so nice, she said, to be here among all the books. After leaving her in the lounge at her nursing home, surrounded by people who would never be her friends, I bent over my steering wheel sobbing, my mind trying to find where hers had gone.

Third Prize

Just Coincidence by Robert Thompson

She took her last breath. I was there. Moments before, I’d been searching for my missing wedding ring, now my mother was dead. Nurses came to prepare her body, removing her rings, handing them to me. This isn’t a fair trade, I thought. Weeks later, from the funeral home I returned with her ashes. Placing the urn on a corner shelf, I felt my lost ring. I sat down, staring, wondering, at this bit of gold in my hands.

Teen Prize Winners

First Prize

The Switch by Anouk-Belle Janess

On land too barren to be called a farm, she became a murderer. She was never one for violence, but a pack of prowling predators came for her. Fast, out of the grass, one breaks away, the bones of its legs outlined with famine. She stepped on the gas to escape. She’s at fault. The coyote’s crushed body: hips, ribs, skull, is angled away from her. She never forgets how easy it is to become the predator.

Second Prize

Falling by Kaia Skuter

I peer down at the ground far below me. The trees are the size of toothpicks. I start to back up when I feel hard hands on my back. The next thing know I am falling through the air. My hair whips across my face and I scream with terror. The toothpick trees have grown into lampposts. I scream again as the grass grows clearer. Then a sharp pain goes through my body and I fly upwards as the bungee cord does its magic.

Third Prize

The Accident by Anya Reynolds-Swannie

The guards began speaking. The boy in the cell didn’t recognize their voices. He closed his eyes, fingers clawing at the icy metal bench. As he shivered, the purple bruises blooming on his body ached.

“What’s he in for?”

“Same as everyone else. He’s a criminal.”

The boy in the cell winced. “No! I didn’t hurt her,” he croaked. The body in the morgue told a different story.


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