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Saanich Centennial Branch closed

The Saanich Centennial Branch is closed until further notice due to a flood at the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre. A pop-up library is available inside the Pearkes facility, 3100 Tillicum Road.

Our staff look forward to welcoming you at the pop-up library or at any of our 11 branches, including nearby Emily Carr Branch, located nearby at Uptown, 101-3521 Blanshard Street.

Updates of Note

    A pop-up library is open inside the Pearkes Recreation Centre, 3110 Tillicum Road, while the Saanich Centennial Branch is closed. You can pick up holds, speak with library staff and sign up for a library card. The pop-up is open during Saanich Centennial Branch’s regular operating hours. We look forward to seeing you.
    The book returns at Saanich Centennial Branch are working and are accessible 24 hours a day.
    If, at the time of the flood, you had items on hold with a pick-up location of Saanich Centennial Branch, we temporarily changed this location to the Emily Carr Branch at Uptown, 101-3521 Blanshard Street. As of November 1, holds can be picked up at the pop-up library inside Pearkes Recreation Centre. We reverted the hold pick-up location of the aforementioned items to Saanich Centennial Branch. Please note: if your items’ hold pick-up location was manually changed to a different branch, your holds will be sent to the branch selected, not Saanich Centennial. To review your holds and make changes, log in to your library account, contact us online, or call 250-940-4875. You will be notified when your material on hold is ready for you to pick up.
    Media release, October 15, 2019
    Many programs that were scheduled at the Saanich Centennial Branch have been moved to other branches. Our online program calendar is up to date.

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