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There’s no mountain too tall, no ocean too deep, no cloud out of reach. You grab life by the handlebars and ride the trail with vigor and skillfulness—even through the bumps and rough patches. In fact, you LOVE the bumps and rough patches; they make you feel alive, fuel your hunt for interesting challenges, give rise to opportunities to learn off the beaten path. You are great at setting lofty goals, and also, at achieving them. You’ll say yes to surfing in Tofino, trying grasshoppers in Chiang Mai and riding a mechanical bull in Dallas. You are not thrown when things don’t go according to plan; learning through experimentation is one of your strengths. To you, mishaps mark the chance to learn something in an unexpected way.

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Recommended Titles

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For Adults & Teens

Brain Child – Recommendations for Young Adventurous Minds

Recommended Digital Resource

An Adventurous Mind like yours will appreciate a book recommendation from NoveList, which makes suggestions based on previous books and authors you’ve enjoyed. We know you’ll say YES to trying something new.

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