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Board Policy

Policy 1.8, Responsibilities and Conduct of Library Users

Policy Statement and Details

The Board is committed to providing welcoming and safe surroundings with equitable access to library services to create an environment free of harassment, physical discomfort, danger, emotional stress and unfair or arbitrary treatment. The Library Board, employees and Library users have a shared responsibility to maintain a positive and respectful environment. Every member of the public has the responsibility to maintain appropriate standards of behaviour. Library users who are children and teens have the same rights and responsibilities as adult library users. Library users and visitors are required to comply with the following Responsibilities and Conduct of Library Users Statement in order to be able to continue to use or visit the Library.

As a user of the Greater Victoria Public Library, I agree to

  • not engage in disruptive behaviour, such as creating excessive noise, or misuse Library property;
  • not intimidate, abuse, offend, speak with foul language, or exhibit any other harassing behaviour to those around me;
  • not participate in illegal actions such as theft and vandalism or behave in a manner that endangers the safety or health of the public;
  • receive permission from the CEO prior to bringing animals into the Library, with the exception of registered service animals;
  • refrain from soliciting for any purpose on Library property unless authorized;
  • accompany my children or children in my care in the Library, supervising their behaviour and safety;
  • not photograph, film, videotape or audio record anyone or anything on Library premises unless authorized in advance by senior staff;
  • keep food and beverages in covered containers, consume food only in designated areas and refrain from eating or drinking when operating the Library’s electronic equipment;
  • wear a shirt and footwear at all times in the Library;
  • keep out of restricted and “Staff Only” areas;
  • not block or obstruct any entrance or exit of the Library with any object including myself, animals, bicycles, strollers, etc.;
  • exit promptly if instructed at closing time or in an emergency and not to be inside the library when it is closed unless accompanied by staff or a Board member;
  • abstain from trafficking, consuming, or being under the obvious influence of controlled drugs and substances or alcohol while on Library property;
  • comply with Library policies and the reasonable requests of staff, not obstructing or interfering with Library staff in the performance of their duties.

Consequences of Violation of the Responsibilities and Conduct of Library Users Statement

In response to behaviour in breach of the Responsibilities and Conduct of Library Users Statement, the Library reserves the right to:

  • suspend or revoke access to library services and facilities;
  • search or inspect people’s coats, bags, briefcases, backpacks, luggage, etc;
  • call the police for assistance; and/or
  • require that costs, incurred by conduct in breach of the policy, be recovered.

The Board is empowered by the British Columbia Libraries Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act to prescribe rules governing the conduct of persons using the Library in order to ensure the comfort and safety of all Library users and staff.

Approved by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board: April 24, 1990
Reviewed by the Policy & Program Development Committee: April 21, 2009
Amended by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board: October 26, 2010
Approved by the Policy & Planning Committee: January XX, 2016
Amended by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board: January XX, 2016

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