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Board Policy

Policy 4.2, Employee Code of Conduct

Policy Statement and Details


The Greater Victoria Public Library is proud of the services it delivers to the communities it serves.  The Library Board recognizes that it is through the commitment and effort of each employee that the excellent quality of its services is achieved and public trust is maintained.  All employees have the right to work in a positive and respectful environment.   The Library Board and employees have a shared responsibility to exercise the basic principles of respect and dignity in all working relationships.

The Employee Code of Conduct (the Code) outlines standards for the conduct for which all employees (management and union) are accountable.  All employees are expected to be aware of, and comply with, this Employee Code of Conduct and its related policies and processes.

Nothing in this Code is intended to conflict with the Library’s obligations to its employees under the Collective Agreement or employment contracts.

Workplace Behaviour

Employees are to treat each other with respect and dignity and must not engage in discriminatory conduct prohibited by the British Columbia Human Rights Code, Section 13.  The following standards outline the workplace behaviours for which all employees are accountable.  All employees are expected to:

  • act in a fair, honest, and proper manner according to all applicable laws and regulations;
  • act with reasonable care, integrity, and diligence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities;
  • be fair and honest in their dealings with individuals and organizations and behave in a manner that facilitates constructive communication between the Library and the community;
  • seek and achieve a team approach with other employees in an environment of mutual respect, trust, and acceptance of each person’s role and responsibilities in achieving the Library’s goals;
  • establish a working relationship with other employees that recognizes and respects the diversity of opinions and achieves the best possible outcome for the community;
  • respect and use information obtained in the course of their duties in a careful and prudent manner;
  • adhere to Library policies and procedures;
  • avoid real or apparent conflict of interest between their duties and responsibilities as an employee and any outside interests;
  • provide courteous, competent, and responsive service to Library users and other employees;
  • respect the rights, dignity, and feelings of others;
  • communicate in a civil and respectful manner, whether the communication is verbal, written, or electronic;  language used must at all times meet acceptable social standards and contribute to a positive work environment;
  • respect other employees’ work areas and property;
  • respect the personal privacy of Library employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers;
  • be aware that they represent the Library while carrying out their job duties and responsibilities, whether they are in the Library or at a work related meeting, conference, or other function held outside GVPL.

In the event that one employee feels another employee has not acted in accordance with these standards, he or she should first attempt to discuss the matter with that employee in an open and respectful way.  The purpose of the discussion is to ensure that the employee is aware of the effect of his or her behaviour and has the opportunity to address it.  If this approach is not successful, the employee should seek the assistance of a supervisor and/or manager.

Workplace Safety/Prevention of Violence

Employees are not permitted to commit any violent act or threatening gesture or speech against other employees or members of the public.

Employees are not permitted to bring weapons of any kind or any instrument designed to look like a weapon into the workplace. The definition of a weapon includes fireworks, explosives, dangerous chemicals, firearms, knives, or any other arms classified as a weapon, or any other object which is used to cause reasonable apprehension of harm.


All employees have the right to work in a workplace which is free of harassment, threats, intimidation, violence, or malicious comments in connection with job skills, character, or reputation, or any other misconduct.  No violent, intimidating, or threatening behaviour or misconduct in any form will be tolerated.

The Library is committed to providing employees with a work environment free from unlawful discrimination or harassment.  Workplace harassment occurs when an employee engages in any demeaning or offensive behaviour (verbal or non-verbal) which causes the work environment to be stressful, degrading or discriminatory for some employees.  No form of harassment, including either sexual or personal harassment, will be tolerated, whether it involves employees or members of the public.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Employees must never perform their job duties and responsibilities while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other similar substances.  Employees must never consume alcohol, drugs, or other similar substances at work or during a break or lunch period if they operate a vehicle owned or borrowed by the Library or operate their own vehicle as part of their job duties and responsibilities.


The Library is responsible for communicating the Code to all employees.

Employees are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with the terms of the Code while carrying out their job duties and responsibilities and when interacting with other employees and members of the public.

The CEO and/or his designate is responsible for ensuring that each reported incident of alleged wrongdoing is investigated in a timely manner.  The Library Board is responsible for investigating a reported alleged breach by the CEO.

Approved by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board: June 30, 2009
Reviewed by the Policy & Program Development Committee: November 17, 2009
Amended by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board:

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