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Board Policy

Policy 4.4, Confidentiality

Policy Statement and Details

Introduction/Statement of Purpose

This policy outlines standards to protect confidential information, in all its forms, to which Library staff and others may have access.  By clarifying expectations, these standards will protect both the Employer and employees and others who have access to confidential information.


This policy applies to all GVPL employees, contractors, consultants, and other workers, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.  The term “user” in this policy includes all of these individuals who from time to time or as part of their normal job duties have access to confidential information.  The term “patron” in this policy applies to Library users.


As part of their role in the organization users may acquire confidential information about GVPL, its patrons and/or its employees.  Users are expected to take all reasonable measures to safeguard any confidential corporate information or confidential information about Library patrons and staff they may obtain in the course of their normal job duties or otherwise.  Confidential information must be securely destroyed when it is no longer needed.

Users may only access and/or alter confidential information as required for them to carry out their normal job duties.  This includes, but is not limited to, patron records and employee personnel files.

Users who receive confidential information through their employment or other association with GVPL must disclose, release, or transmit such information only to those persons who are authorized to receive it.

Users are expected to exercise caution and discretion in handling confidential information including taking care not to discuss such information in social or public situations.

The proper handling, protection, and disposal of confidential information applies both within and outside the Library and continues to apply after the employment or other relationship ends.

Approved by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board: November 24, 2009
Reviewed by the Policy & Program Development Committee: November 17, 2009
Amended by the Greater Victoria Public Library Board:

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