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Board Policy

Policy G.5, Media


This policy indicates the authority for responding to and initiating media contact.

The Greater Victoria Public Library Board (Board) is committed to keeping the community informed about the Greater Victoria Public Library (Library) and creating ongoing opportunities for dialogue. The intent of this policy is to ensure the media receives clear, consistent and accurate information about library policy, procedures, programs and services.


This policy applies to Board trustees, the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Librarian (CEO), library management and library staff.

Policy Statement and Details

All media requests are directed to the CEO.

The CEO is the first point of contact for the Library when responding to, initiating and coordinating media contact for the organization. For operational matters, the CEO is the designated spokesperson for the Library and may delegate this authority to individual library directors and subject matter experts as appropriate.

For governance matters specific to the jurisdiction of the Board, the Chair exclusively speaks on behalf of the Board. The Chair may delegate authority to individual trustees as appropriate.

Policy Name: G.5  Media
Policy Type: Governance
Next Review Date: April 25, 2022
Date Amended: April 25, 2017
Last Reviewed: April 18, 2017
First Approved: December 15, 1992

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