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Board Policy

Policy G.6 – Board Orientation

Policy Statement and Details


The Greater Victoria Public Library Board (Board) recognizes the importance of trustees sharing a common understanding of the authority and role of the board and that board orientation ensures that every trustee is prepared, fully informed, supported and engaged to contribute to the governance of GVPL.

pported and engaged to contribute to the governance of GVPL.


This policy applies to all newly appointed trustees of the board including council and mid-term appointees.

Policy Statement

By the end of the orientation process new Board trustees will:

  • Understand the context and structure in which BC Public libraries operate and have a specific understanding of the organizational, governance and operational structure of GVPL;
  • Understand the role, authority and expectations of the Board, its trustees and its committees;
  • Be familiar with the vision, strategic direction and issues facing the GVPL Board and its committees;
  • Have the knowledge, tools and support necessary to fully engage as contributing GVPL Board and committee members.

By the end of the orientation process, the Board will:

  • Know the skills, experience and interests of new Board trustees and the areas in which they want to make a contribution.

Annually, the Board provides, within available resources, institutional memberships in key library organizations and financial support for trustee’s attendance at library conferences and relevant workshops.

All Board members will complete orientation within three (3) months of their first Board meeting.

Related Policies, Agreements, and Procedural Documents

Policy Section 5: Board procedures

Policy Name: G.6 Board Orientation
Policy Type: Governance
Next Review Date: June 28, 2021
Date Amended:
Last Reviewed:
First Approved Date: June 28, 2016

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