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Board Policy

Policy O.11, Security Video


The Greater Victoria Public Library (Library) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our community, library staff, patrons, visitors and property, while balancing the need to protect the individual’s right to privacy. The use of security video, where deemed necessary, can be an effective tool in the Library’s overall strategy to ensure safety and security of both people and property. The design, deployment and use of security video will be guided by the principle of minimal privacy intrusion, while meeting operational need.


This policy applies to library management, library staff and library patrons.

Policy Statement and Details

This policy and accompanying procedures will comply with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) as well as adhere to the Library’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Policy.

This policy applies to all types of video cameras, monitoring and recording devices that are used for security purposes at library managed facilities. The policy does not address instances where library staff may record a specific event, such as a program or presentation.

To notify individuals that security video is in place, the Library will post prominently visible signs informing individuals of:

  • the authority for the collection, use and disclose of personal information;
  • the purpose(s) for which the personal information in intended to be used; and
  • contact information for questions or concerns.


The following standards apply to the use of security video:

  • only limited, authorized personnel shall be permitted access to video records, based on a need-to-know principle;
  • all access requests will follow a formal process and any access, if granted, will be logged;
  • the library will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure the security of video records in its custody and control and that storage devices are located in controlled-access areas;
  • the retention of video records will be for the minimal time period allowable to meet operational need and will align with the Library’s record retention and destruction procedures; and
  • ongoing evaluation of the security video systems and procedures will take place regularly to access the effectiveness of security controls.
Policy Name:  O.11 Security Video
Policy Type:  Operational
Next Review Date: January 26, 2016
Date Amended:
Last Reviewed:
First Approved: January 26, 2016

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