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Board Policy

Policy O.6, Sales on Library Premises


The Greater Victoria Public Library Board (Board) delegates authority to the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Librarian (CEO) to approve any items deemed to be for charitable or other purposes in the Greater Victoria Public Library (Library).


This policy applies to the Board, CEO, library management, library staff and library patrons.

Policy Statement and Details

The sale of books or related items is permitted by authors or other guest speakers invited by staff to speak at the Library. Such sales must be conducted at the event only by the speaker or by a local bookseller selected by the publisher or author.

Works of art may be accepted for display in the Library on the condition that the Library is not held responsible for any loss or damage. Items may not include sale prices.

Policy Name:  O.6 Sales on Library Premises
Policy Type: Operational
Next Review Date:  June 27, 2013
Date Amended: June 24, 2008
Last Reviewed:  June 5, 2008
First Approved: April 27, 1993

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