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Board Policy

Policy O.9 – Social Media Policy


This policy governs staff and patron use of social media tools (social software) for official Greater Victoria Public Library (Library) purposes. Social software is defined as any website or application which allows users to share information. Social software can include but is not limited to blogging, instant messaging, social networking sites, and wikis. Examples of such sites are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Myspace, YouTube and various blogging sites, such as Blogger or WordPress.


This policy applies to library management, library staff and library patrons.

Policy Statement and Details

Statement of Commitment
The Library is committed to using social media technology to provide a venue for shared information resources with our users and partners, and to provide a means for meaningful communication between users, partners and library staff. Library staff will strive to create a social media presence that is consistent with our core values of promoting intellectual freedom, inclusiveness, innovation, respect and accountability. We will promote the free exchange of ideas while protecting personal information and rights.

Objectives of the library’s social media presence:

  • Extend and enhance the reach of GVPL’s online message, thereby improving relationships with library users, potential users and key influencers;
  • Provide an interactive, real-time platform using an informal/human voice to engage in dialog;
  • Provide simple method for users to provide feedback and seek assistance;
  • Provide wide-ranging entry points to our services and collections;
  • Demonstrate our commitment to and understanding of emerging media/technology;
  • Provide opportunities to train staff and the public in the use of social media.

Social media sites provide a forum for promoting the free exchange of ideas which the library will encourage. However, content that contravenes our Statement of Responsibility and Conduct of Library Users, Computer and Internet Access Policy, Social Media Policy or otherwise violates privacy or other legislation will be removed from the site. Violations may result in restrictions on future postings to library social media sites. The Library reserves the right to edit or modify submissions when reposting or providing comment while retaining the intent of the original post. The Library is not responsible for the reliability of content provided via links that are posted to our social media sites. Being followed by the Library on any social media platform or having messages or content created by other parties shared on library social media does not imply endorsement.

The Library welcomes feedback and ideas from all our patrons, and will endeavour to join the conversation, where possible. We will read all messages and comments and ensure that emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed to relevant library staff however, the Library will not be able to reply individually to all messages received via social media.

Users are reminded to protect their privacy when participating in online public forums.

Reporting Concerns
If you have any concerns regarding application of this policy or library social media sites, please contact the library and you will receive a response within two working days.

Policy Name:  O.9 Social Media
Policy Type:  Operational
Next Review Date:  April 23, 2018
Date Amended:
Last Reviewed:
First Approved: April 23, 2013

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