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Your Feedback Matters

Thank you for attending a program at the Greater Victoria Public Library. We are glad you were inspired to follow your curiosity, meet new people and take advantage of an opportunity to learn.

Your presence helps to make our programs a success. With your feedback, we can continue to improve the learning opportunities we offer kids, teens and adults.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below and share your feedback about the programs you or your children have attended recently. The questionnaire is anonymous, unless you choose to include your name.


Program Proposals

We welcome program proposals from authors, presenters and performers.

Planning for our programs takes place several months in advance. Deadlines for program proposals are as follows:

  • July 31 (for December-February programming)
  • October 31 (for March-May programming)
  • December 31 (for June-August programming)
  • April 30 (September-November programming)

Completing this form is not a guarantee your program will be selected. Please refer to the FAQs below. To see what we are currently offering, view our online program calendar.

  1. How are programs selected?
    Programs are first vetted by a program coordinator and reviewed by a programming committee.
  2. What are your criteria for selection?
    We consider community interest, presenter quality and reputation, budget, association with a community partnership, and whether the program is a fit with GVPL’s Strategic Plan.
  3. I’ve forgotten what suggestions I submitted. Can I find out what I have already suggested?
    Due to the volume of suggestions, we are not able to provide a record of your previous suggestions. Please keep a copy of your suggestions.

Share your library story

If the library has meant something special to you, we’d love to hear about it.


Peek-a-boo! Here’s a quote to brighten your day:

“When in doubt, go to the library.” – Hermione Granger