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To your way of thinking, a healthy mind and body means a healthy world. You believe every living being plays a role in creating wellness for each other, and you focus your energies on achieving your best self to benefit the world around you. Concern for humanity, animals and the environment are dear to your heart. You thirst for knowledge on how you can help make the world a better place; you see the best in others and encourage them to reach their potential; and you are devoted to healthy, clean and mindful living. Your commitment to balance and respect for others means you are keen to discover new ways to live in harmony and take care of one another.

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Recommended Titles

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For Adults & Teens

Brain Child – Recommendations for Young Healthy Minds

Recommended Digital Resource

GreenFILE is a database of articles all about the environment. Get the facts about green living, environmentalism, conservation and more.

Dive into articles all about the environment with GreenFILE

More GVPL Recommendations

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