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(formerly SELF-e)

If you are part of GVPL’s Emerging Local Authors Collection, you can submit your ebook to the Indie Author Project at the same time as submitting your ebook to ELAC. Your books will find more readers here in Greater Victoria and a wider audience in other libraries in B.C. and beyond.

The Indie Author Project connects ebooks, libraries and readers through BiblioBoard. If you are an indie author, you can submit your ebook through the Indie Author Project to have it reviewed by Library Journal and other industry professionals. Selected books are then included in the curated Top Read Indie Books aanthologies on Bibliobard, which would help your book reach new readers across North America.

Plus, you can choose to add your ebook to the Indie British Columbia anthologies on BiblioBoard, making it available to readers across province.

Learn more about the Indie Author Project.


Emerging Local Authors Collection

GVPL celebrates Greater Victoria’s rich writing culture with our Emerging Local Authors Collection, featuring self-published, independent and small press books by local authors. Each spring, GVPL launches a new series of books submitted by emerging authors in our community.

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