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Project Description



To download the Naxos app, log in above and then click “Mobile App” from the menu running across the page.

Hear, here! Your GVPL library card gives you access to Naxos Music Library, an expansive, classical music collection. This streaming music platform features more than 132,000 albums and two million tracks, including a selection of world, jazz, pop and rock. Composer biographies, a glossary of musical terms, opera libretti and synopses and more ensure Naxos is not just a streaming-audio resource, it is an educational resource.

Music lovers will enjoy creating their own playlists and listening to GVPL’s customized playlists.

To stream music, all you need is your GVPL library card number and password. To create playlists or use the app, create a Naxos account once you have logged in with your GVPL library card.


This Digital Collection is a third-party service hosted in the U.S. or in another location outside Canada. Creation of a user account may store limited Personal Information (email address, password, library barcode and password, and the date of your last login) on a server stored outside Canada. Upon account creation, you are consenting and become subject to the privacy policy of the service provider. GVPL encourages patrons to review all third-party privacy policies and statements to protect their personal information.

Where other (third-party) organizations require personal information in order to provide services on behalf of the Library, the Library makes reasonable efforts to obtain commitments from such organizations that they treat the personal information in compliance with FIPPA and this policy. However, once information is in the hands of other organizations, it is beyond the Library’s control, and the Library cannot be accountable for the use, or further disclosure, of that information.

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