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Board Policy

Policy G.2, Policy Authority & Maintenance


The Greater Victoria Public Library Board (Board) policies clearly define the scope and limits within which the Greater Victoria Public Library (Library) operates. Policies provide effective parameters and directions for decisions and actions undertaken by the Board, management and staff.


This policy applies to the Board, library management and library staff.

Policy Statement and Details

Policies require the approval of the Board and are reviewed at least once every five years, unless otherwise specified in the policy, or deemed necessary due to changes in legislation, new developments, operational needs or revisions to the Library Operating Agreement 2017-2020 (LOA).

Procedures are operational in nature and put in place to implement policy directions of the Board. These provide written processes and procedures to ensure that board policies are communicated to all staff and consistently followed.

Procedures are developed by staff to implement policies and do not require formal board approval.

All policies are to be available to the public except where specified otherwise by the Board.

Policy Name: G.2 Policy Authority & Maintenance
Policy Type: Governance
Next Review Date: March 28, 2022
Date Amended: March 28, 2017
Last Reviewed: February 21, 2017
First Approved: January 26, 2017

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