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How many websites did you visit last year?

500? 1,000? 2,000? More?

 For free entertainment and education 24/7, there’s one website you’ll want to bookmark:

Your local library’s.

 In 2017, the Greater Victoria Public Library website got more than three million hits.
Now, that’s brain changing!

Tell us how you read/watch/listen/learn in our social media contest, and you’ll earn an entry
for a weekly prize draw of gift cards to Serious Coffee.

Social Media Challenges

Answer these questions on social media and enter to win!

1. At home, on the bus, in a café, at the library – where does reading take you?

2. Are you adventurous, creative, curious or an epicurean? Take GVPL’s Pick Your Brain personality quiz, and tell us what your brain type is.

3. What are you reading/listening to right now? Share the first line of the book with us.

4. What course on Lynda.com would you like to take? (Hint: Lynda.com is available free through many public libraries, including GVPL.)

5. Fill in the blanks: “A cozy night at home includes sipping a warm cup of ________ while reading/watching ________.”

6. What is your favourite movie/TV series based on a book? (Hint: Check out Hoopla to stream movies, music and more, free with your public library card.)

7. Vote on our weekly poll and share your answer.

How to Enter


Go to the GVPL Facebook page and click on the grey and yellow Change Your Mind photo at the top of the page. Add a comment under the photo that shows how you’ve completed the challenge, either by posting a photo or answering the questions. Include #brainchanger.


Tweet your completed challenge, either by posting a photo or answering the questions. Include #brainchanger.

Note: Please make sure your social media privacy settings will allow us to see your submission.


For every challenge you complete, you’ll be entered into a weekly draw to win a gift certificate to Serious Coffee. Enter as many times as you like!

Prize winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter.

Weekly draws will be held Friday after 3:00 pm Pacific Time between September 4 and November 9, 2018.

Official rules.