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Fast Collection

Get what you want, faster! Access the most popular and in-demand titles right off the shelves at GVPL. These items are all about instant gratification. So, take them home, enjoy them and return them quickly.


Fastreads are a curated browsing collection of high-demand print book titles featuring our newest, most popular titles.

Fastviews are a curated browsing collection of high-demand DVD and Blu-ray titles featuring the newest, most popular DVDs and Blu-rays.

The ‘Fast Collection’, which includes both Fastreads and Fastviews, is an exclusive collection that is only available in branches and is not part of the holds pick-up service.

Items in the ‘Fast Collection’ have shorter loan periods and are not renewable. Late charges for items in the ‘Fast Collection’ are calculated at $1.50/per day; late charges for Kids’ Fastreads are calculated at $0.10/per day.

  • Fastread items are available for 7-day loans.
  • Fastview items are available for 3-day loans.
  • Kids’ Fastreads are available for 14-day loans.

No. Items in the ‘Fast Collection’ cannot be placed on hold. However, most items in the ‘Fast Collection’ are also available in the regular collection for the standard loan periods; 21 days for books and 7 days for DVDs and Blu-rays.

No. Items in the ‘Fast Collection’ are not available for renewals.

You can borrow up to two Fastreads and up to six Fastviews at a time on a library account.

Items in our Fast Collection can be identified by Fastreads/Fastviews labels. If you’re unsure which items are included in the collection, please ask our staff for help.

Questions about the library that are not answered above?

Please ask us – we’re here to help. 


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