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Project Description


From choosing the right lightbulbs to reducing electricity waste, the Climate Action To-Go Kits can help you assess your household’s eco-footprint and reduce it.

These take-home kits contain a range of practical tools and activities to help you learn about and take action on climate change in your everyday life.

In partnership with the Capital Regional District, GVPL launched an updated set of Climate Action To-Go Kits in April 2018.


The new Climate Action To-Go Kits give you the opportunity to

  • Measure your home’s optimal lighting using a digital illuminance light meter.
  • Measure your household appliances’ electricity use with a Kill-A-Watt meter.
  • Discover air leaks in walls and around windows using a thermal leak detector.
  • Tune up a bike or track steps while learning about local active transportation routes.
  • Test your showerhead’s water efficiency.
  • Learn about expected changes to climate and how you can prepare to adapt and respond to emergencies.

Thank you

Climate Action To-Go Kits are made possible in partnership with the CRD.

Patrons may check out one kit at a time with a valid adult library card. The loan period is 21 days if there are no holds; 14 days if there are holds. The kits can be picked up and returned at the information desk of any branch.

Borrowing Limits and Fees

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