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Project Description


How the Seed Library Works

After attending a member orientation session, Seed Library members can borrow vegetable, herb and flower seeds from our collection, with the promise to return dried seed from their successful crops to the Seed Library’s store for the next growing season.

The Seed Library also offers free educational programs in which participants can learn how to grow and save seed, receive advice on gardening, connect with others and share resources and information.

Seeds are living, breathing entities, full of promise. Generation after generation, each seed has the potential to hold new traits that make it better suited to growing in the region in which it sprouted.

To encourage our community to grow and save seeds raised locally, seeds that work best with the climate, soil and natural conditions of Vancouver Island, LifeCycles Project Society and GVPL created and continue to operate the Victoria Seed Library, a free resource for anyone in Greater Victoria.

By helping people cultivate locally raised seeds, the Victoria Seed Library aims to grow nourishing food and thriving habitat that improve our health, steward our region’s biodiversity and help us live in healthy relationship to the land.


To participate in the Seed Library, please attend a member orientation session and become a member. Membership is free and includes access to seeds, classes and other resources.

Upcoming programs are listed on our Programs page.

Share your photos: Please email us photos of plants you’ve grown with Seed Library seeds.


To volunteer with the Seed Library, please email [email protected]


Borrow.Save.Share – supports and promotes seed sharing initiatives in B.C.

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